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How to Clean Chimney

Chimneys are an important part of every household and act as the primary source for heating. As winter approaches and temperatures drop, people start using their fireplace to heat their homes. However, this is a common place for house fires to start. It's very important to get them cleaned every year or at regular intervals depending on the usage to avoid fires and other related hazards. More than one third homes in North America use fireplaces for heating during the winter months but most are unaware of the risks that are associated with them.

The most common reason for fires in houses is the creosote build-up in the chimneys. This can be avoided if they're cleaned periodically so that it continues to function safely and efficiently. Apart from regular cleaning, there are certain precautions that need to be taken to avoid any type of accident.

1. Chimneys need to be inspected and cleaned by trained technicians.

2. Clean the hearth that accumulates debris.

3. Use metal mesh screens in front of fireplaces to prevent embers and sparks from flying around.

4. Use fire resistant materials on walls surrounding the fireplace.

When it comes to cleaning chimneys, it can be very challenging and it gets messy. You need specialized equipment and a vacuum cleaner which is necessary for a thorough cleaning. You can decide to do it on your own, but you need to have ample time and energy as its physically tiring. Hiring the professionals at Magic Touch is a much better alternative. Our chimney cleaning services employ trained technicians who use specialized brushes and vacuum cleaners to provide a thorough cleaning. Also, our professionals inspect and judge the condition of your chimney and make the necessary repairs.

Our professionals are trained to do the job, and we do it in less than two hours. We also use all the protective gear to avoid a mess and keep everything clean. In addition to removing soot and creosote, our technicians also install chimney caps and liners. Regular cleaning of the chimney will ensure that air flow is not obstructed enabling efficient heating of your house. Our team of professionals follows a detailed list when it comes to cleaning:

1. Fix a prior appointment with our professional chimney cleaning technicians.

2. Our staff will set up their equipment on a canvas that usually includes a heavy duty vacuum cleaner that sucks all dirt and deposit from the chimney.

3. Our team starts their work after an initial inspection of the deposits, flue size, soot build up, etc.

4. Deposits like grate and ash are removed from the firebox, then the damper is removed to access the smoke chamber and smoke shelf which are cleaned with stiff brushes.

5. Several flexible fiber glass rods are connected to an appropriately sized brush so that it can be pushed right up to the flue.

6. Every part is re-fitted after being thoroughly cleaned.

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