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Specialists in Chimney and Dryer Vent Maintenance

Our team of experienced technicians use the most up to date equipment and methods to ensure proper maintenance of your chimney and dryer venting. Call now to schedule your appointment!

Chimney Cleaning

One of our professional, courteous technicians will arrive at your home within a scheduled time frame so you won't be kept waiting.

All of our equipment is set up on a canvas tarpaulin including our heavy duty vacuum system which is operating the entire time we are working. The vacuum system creates a "tornado like effect" in the firebox so that any soot coming down the chimney goes directly into the system.

An initial inspection is done to determine the flue size, soot build up and any visible problems.

Before cleaning the chimney, the grate and any existing ash is removed from the firebox.

The damper is removed to allow access to the smoke chamber and smoke shelf.

While the damper is out we check it for deterioration or damage. When we reinstall it, we will make sure it is fitting and operating properly or advise if repairs are required.

Our technician will select the appropriate sized brush and connect it to a series of flexible fibre glass rods.

Working at fireplace level, our technician will push the brush up the flue by attaching as many rods as required until the brush reaches the top of the chimney. The cleaning procedure is repeated as the brush is brought down.

We will thoroughly clean the smoke chamber and firebox by hand using a stiff bristle brush. Then vacuum and shovel the smoke shelf.

We do a final clean up in the firebox, reinsert the grate and we're finished until our next visit.