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Our team of experienced technicians use the most up to date equipment and methods to ensure proper maintenance of your chimney and dryer venting. Call now to schedule your appointment!

Chimney Caps

Protects Against Animals

Raccoons, squirrels & birds frequently make their homes in chimneys. The Protector keeps out even the smallest birds, yet still allows the chimney to vent properly.

Protects Against Rain & Snow

Rain and snow entering the chimney can cause extensive damage to the flue lining, mortar and damper. The Protector is designed to stop water from entering your chimney.

Protects Against Sparks

While burning your fireplace, flaming cinders and free flying sparks are carried up the chimney. The Protector will serve to contain these sparks and cinders.

Protects Against Debris

Leaves, twigs and branches often lodge into the chimney creating an obstruction & preventing the flue from venting properly. The Protector keeps out debris year round.